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over 11 years ago

Rule Clarification: Local Employment Services and Job Opportunities

One finalist criteria is that the app must provide "information about local employment services and job opportunities".  Including links to jobs sites (e.g. CareerBuilder, Monster) that take users out of the app so that they can run a search on that site is not sufficient to meet the criteria for displaying information about local job opportunities.  Consider including the capabilities for Veterans who know their MOS codes to use services like “HeroJobs.Org”, or the National Resource Directory (NRD) to geographically narrow their search.  The NRD API is available here:

We wanted to publicize this as it was a point of confusion we've seen from some of our submissions so far, which have included links to job sites without any additional added value.

Veteran Job Search API: I believe we found the data source. The following URL allows third party websites to submit a job search to the NRD, and receive an XML of the search results.