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about 11 years ago

Important Update! Achieving the Near-Real Time Bed Availability Criteria!

The New Jersey HMIS team has agreed to begin refreshing its data about shelter bed availability every six hours instead of once a day.
Of course six hours is not exactly “real time." using this dataset does fulfill the requirement for “near-real time” bed availability, and thereby establishes a quantitative definition of “near."
Providing near-real time bed availability is considered the “floor” and not the “ceiling” for the following Project REACH evaluation criteria; we’d love to see clever solutions that could make it even faster:

“Creates a mechanism that allows for simple aggregation of near or real time bed availability at shelters local to JBJ Soul Kitchen, which is located at: 207 Monmouth St., Red Bank, New Jersey  07701.”

Instructions for downloading the new Near-Real Time Bed Availability data set:
1.    Visit

2.    Under the heading “Developer,” locate the file named "Project Reach Datafile"

3.    Download the file named "bedregistrYYYYMMDDhhmmss"

We’d like to express a HUGE thank you to our HUD colleagues and the New Jersey HMIS team.