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over 11 years ago

Will the app be downloaded immediately upon submission or only when the judging period begins in April (e.g. can the app be enhanced in the interim between submission and judging)?

The April 30 milestone titled “Judges Begin Reviewing Applications” has caused a few competitors confusion. In order to clarify the evaluation timeline, we have removed this milestone.

Submissions will be evaluated on a rolling basis and downloaded on or about the time we receive them (which was always the intention. The rules, however, weren’t explicit about it). Each submission is time-stamped so that earlier submissions are evaluated first. If you make an update to your app after you submitted it, however, you will need to enter a new submission for the new version to be considered. The new submission will be placed in the order it was received and will not take the place of the original submission. This clarification is intended to make sure everybody knows that it is not possible to submit a “place holder” that can be superseded with a better submission later.