Homeless Connections

Whether dealing with the transition to civilian life, post traumatic stress disorder or substance abuse, complex factors impact at-risk and homeless Veterans. Non-Veterans face similar challenges. Navigating diverse programs and knowing which system to access complicates the ability to obtain urgently needed assistance. Though support programs exist, a lack of awareness about programs, ambivalence about seeking care, military discharge status, or simply a lack of records may create complications in accessing services.

Homeless Connections is a mobile-enabled, people-centric application that addresses this dilemma. The app masters information flow through an "outside in" approach that solves the problem of disjointed and unorganized information regarding available services. Our approach is intuitive and cost-effective in "total cost of ownership" when scaling up deployment. Changes require no code writing, allowing non-IT staff to maintain the heart of the system.

Homeless Connections is a tool for at risk and homeless individuals, case managers and providers, VA and HUD and communities to increase access to services and quality of life. It can be used by non-profits as well as local and faith-based providers to drive beneficial outcomes.

Homeless Connections is cloud-based and scalable to support nationwide, cross-agency usage. It synchronizes and updates data from disparate sources. When deployed, community resources can tailor their localized data and business rules in minutes.

What if Homeless Connections was available 24x7 during VA Stand Down events? Nationwide, immediate options for housing, clothing, nutrition, health care, personal development, and employment assistance would be available. Enable community empowerment by checking out http://projectreach.binarygroup.com/.

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