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Clarification on allowable methods for goal achievement with a mobile app

1. I decided to enter my company and participate in the challenge to design/develop a mobile app for homeless vets because this problem can probably be managed more effectively with leadership and resources from the VA, since the problem is not a new revelation, and since VA is seeking a mechanism and approach, which can accelerate its response in arresting this problem, within the population of vets who are homelss, or near homeless, etc.
2. Also, an effective solution for vets will provide a similar capability and benefit for use in the larger population of homeless individuals and families.
2.1. Note: This is stated as a recognized or assumed outcome of the REACH contest - this is mentioned in paragraph 2 of the background section of the contest rules, etc.
3. I have worked with this type of problem in service delivery for many years; it is in essence, a problem of making available services accesible to eligible target indiviiiduals and families from any locale, 24/7.
4. I believe a mobile application will connect caregivers and homelss vets effectively, but the model should include other component which create the required synergism for a systematic service delivery approach.
5. We are currently working on an application which - we hope - will comply with REACH contest rules. To satisfy the aforementioned need to establish a synergism which will provide a sustainable platform for content sorting, routing, and exchanges regarding available services, and the most efficient way to connect homeless vets and caregivers for timely access to needed services.
6. Question: In conducting tests with care givers at JBJ Soul Kitchen, and testing at other sites (4.e. of contest rules..) is it acceptable to structure the application for performance testing in the context of a service delivery model or approach?

Thank you,

Robert English, MSW - Owner
Mobile Access Consumer Services, LLC

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    @Robert --

    First, we’re always excited to hear about new people working on entries to Project REACH. The first thing the app must do is meet the minimum criteria (Section 3 of the Rule). If your service delivery approach fulfills those items, it will pass to the next phase. After that, Finalists have much more latitude in creating a stellar app and persuading the judges that their idea is the one that will best help caregivers and the homeless. (Note, there are a few objective criteria for the Grand Prize finalists and you can find them in Section 5.)

    Good luck with your submission,
    VA Innovations Team

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