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Code Ownership

Maybe I missed it in the rules, but who owns the code upon submission? Our non-profit was set to release a similar app in Q2, but we're rethinking based on this contest ... depending on how the code ownership rules work. Any clarification would be great - thank you!

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    Ruke 13 covers this:

    13. Intellectual Property: Participants in the competition will retain ownership of their applications, and any intellectual property developed under this competition. The Federal Government may negotiate a license for the use of intellectual property developed by a participant.

    a. The winner of the competition will make its application available and free to download from appropriate application marketplace(s) by a date to be decided by the VAi2 team on or about the time the Grand Prize winner is announced.

    b. VA may, in its sole and exclusive discretion, choose to negotiate with any non-winning entrant for a license to use any intellectual property developed by a participant for this competition.

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