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Can the rules be changed to iPhone OR Android?

You can only develop an iPhone app on a Mac. If you are primary windows/linux based, buying a Mac is a huge investment just to develop an app.


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    You could do an HTML5 web app, that would work on all of that without the need for a Mac or submission to app store

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    I second this, it creates an unfair advantage to those that may have already subscribed to the iPhone development paradaigm. Even if you do develop an HTML 5 based web app, you still would need to test its functionality on an iPhone or Mac-based emulator requiring you to purchase the setup.

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    @Jonathan, should we write the app with pen/paper? developing something for website/phone requires a computer, creating an unfair advantage for those with a computer.

    I understand you are an Android developer, therefore you want the rules to be rewritten to match your skillset, but come on...

    The rules state that you would need to develop both Android/iPhone to win the big prize, but that you would qualify for the other prizes if only one platform, so you can still compete...

    I have been spending significant time on this already for iOS, and now you are lobbying for the rules to be changed... I don't think that's fair to the other competitors.

    There are plenty of solutions to do cross platform development without the need for a Mac

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    @Denny, what I mean is that I have spent significant time on iOS, so we better not get rid of that, haha.

    But in general, I have already complete most of my cross platform strategy. If the rules would have stated iOS OR Android for grand prize, I would not have bothered with cross platform strategy as I am an iOS guy.

    Like you actually, I WISH that the rules would have been different and we could have only done one or the other. But given that the rules state otherwise, now that people have spent significant time working with these rules, we just can't expect for the rules to change, that would be unfair.

    The rules can't be perfect for everybody, I wish too that the rules matched perfectly my skillset, but I guess that wouldn't be much of a challenge then.

    At the end of the day, even if the rules were to be changed to one platform only, you would still compete with people doing a multi platform version. So although you could compete for the big prize, you would most likely not win it, knowing that the judges favor a solution that is platform agnostic.

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    I understand what you are saying but I disagree...

    The challenge is to do a mobile app, and if you want the big prize, the requirement is for it to work on the most common mobile platforms... it makes sense, no? From a user point of view, it makes sense that the best solution would be available on the mobile platforms that are actually used, and not the ones that are cheaper for the developers to work with?

    Yes the challenge could have been about doing something for VA, no matter if it was an app, a movie, a dinner... but it's not, the challenge is do a mobile app, specifically iOS and Android if you want to win the big prize. That IS the challenge.

    You're right that the requirements could prevent some developers to participate, but that's beyond the point. A Good solution to the problem at hand would provide a multi platform service, don't you agree? Do you see an Android only app being the best solution to that problem? unlikely...

    I think we need to understand the problem with the point of view of the target audience, and not based on what hardware and skills each of us have. Otherwise everybody is gonna ask for rules tailored to them

    Android is so fragmented, than if we tell you that the new requirements is an Android app, people are gonna say it needs to be restricted to a specific phone with a specific Android release... I mean, it never ends...

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    I really do think I am getting what you are saying. You think the challenge should be a different challenge, one that is about the app, and not the app running on a specific platform.

    But maybe you are not getting what I am saying. I am saying that:
    - You register in a challenge about building an iOS+Android App, that IS the challenge
    - Then the submission period starts, after some people have worked hard at finding a solution that meets the requirements
    - Then you think it would be fair to change the challenge from multi platform to single platform because it suits you better? That's not my definition of fair!!

    I am sorry if I sound harsh, but even if your arguments were valid, this would really not be the best time to ask for the rules to change!

    Now I have to be honest, I don't buy the fact that you don't think you can build a web app that works on iPhone without buying a Mac, an iPhone, etc... and maybe that's what bothers me the most.
    You can build an HTML5 web app that works on iPhone, all from windows. If you need to test it in mobile safari, what about solutions like these unless the $30 is going to be another unfair disadvantage.

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    Good luck to you too! See you in the finals!

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